Sunday, April 13, 2014

[12/23/2013] Week 42: It's getting cold!

Hey, pops!

This week was a flash. It was also a great week. Unfortunately, I have no time to write, so I will relate a small miracle that we experienced yesterday: 

Me in the snow.
Samera is a less-active member from Yemen. I didn't get to meet her until yesterday, but shortly before I arrived in Blaine, Elder Lovell and his former companion had the opportunity to visit her. They didn't enter her apartment, however, because we as missionaries have what we like to call a "Gentlemen's Rule" that says we don't enter apartments/homes/vehicles/tents/teepees/castles/shopping carts/etc where a woman/minor is present unless we have another responsible male adult with us. Samera was downright offended. She was appalled that anyone would think ill of such wonderful young men and disgusted that she and her daughter couldn't be trusted. She said she had "gotten away from Yemen for just that reason", that women should be free and empowered and a lot more along those lines. She told Elder Lovell and his former companion that if anyone from the Church came back by she would ignore them and refuse to open the door. Well, last night, we went over and knocked on her door. Miraculously, Samera opened it and without excessive ado, we sang for her "Angels We Have Heard on High" and her favorite hymn, "I am a Child of God". After we finished singing the final words, her heart was completely softened. She described feeling as though she were floating and flying around her living room and absolutely rejoiced in feeling the love of God. She sincerely apologized for her previous reaction and invited us to return for a teaching appointment on Thursday afternoon.

A nice view of the sunrise from our apartment.
As far as doing Google Hangout on Christmas Day, Elder Lovell and I are still trying to hone in on what our schedule will look like, but we will definitely be webcamming between 1 and 4 in the afternoon PST. I think that's 3pm and 6pm CST? So please be available during that window of time to hangout with me! I sure hope that works because the next time we're able to communicate will be on Christmas... 

It snowed a ton on Thursday night/Friday morning!!


Elder Martin
p.s. And in case anyone was wondering, I'm not feeling particularly homesick or lonely at all this time of year. I'm doing just dandy! 

I thought Seth might appreciate the picture of the truck (having been desecrated in unspeakable ways).

By the way, the rumors are true. It does get dark by 4:30 in the winter here..

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