Thursday, May 22, 2014

[2/3/2014] Week 48: Super Bowl

Wow, yeah. Everyone in the ward was super stoked about the Super Bowl. However, Brother Broyles (mentioned in past emails) grew up in Colorado and is a huge Broncos fan. Looks like it's time to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. (Mosiah 18:8-10)

This week, though still pretty awesome, was slower than past weeks this transfer. We still taught a ton, but we didn't get to see the Denogeans, as they both got super sick, among a few of our other key investigators. But you know what? It's ok! We have a pretty darn good week set up from what we can tell.

I want every one to know that I am still happy and still healthy. Though yesterday, my lower back joints started to hurt/ache seemingly unprovoked. I'm doing ok now.

I absolutely love being a missionary. I haven't always felt that way, but things are really great here in Blaine. We teach a ton and always have lots to do. Pretty much the only tracting we do is on exchanges with other missionaries. That's part of the source of our success, I think, is that we have focused a ton on working with the other missionaries in our zone. And we're sort of frustrated because we're seeing all this success here, but we couldn't figure out how to ramp it up in other areas. By the end of this transfer however, it's seeming that things are picking up. The slower areas, which are staffed with stellar missionaries, are finding new investigators and teaching just a little more each week.

I was thinking about Moses and the Red Sea recently and how cool it would be to experience that Bible story. Can you imagine treading the dry sea floor betwixt two enormous walls of water? Just picture looking up at that glorious, powerful, breath-taking, humbling sight. Wouldn't that be amazing to have taken part in an event that would be preached and revered for millenia to come? Well, it hit me. Guess what? We're part of the hastening of the work of salvation preparatory to the Second Coming of the Messiah! This is it! Right now! And we get to help people find Christ, know Him, and come unto Him! So they can be saved! This is a period of time of which has been prophesied since the beginning! The hastening is real in the Blaine ward. Prepared children of God just fall out of the sky and drink freely from the Waters of Life.

Speaking of, Dustin is moving right along. He's come to church twice in a row for all three hours. He reads frequently from the Book of Mormon and finds it more believable than the Bible because of how well he sees it applies in his life. Everything at church seems to pertain to him, seems to speak to him. He feels more welcome than anywhere else and has seen every other aspect of his life look up since he started meeting with us. He absolutely believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and is still working on the idea that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. We invited him to baptized on Saturday night, and his response was something like this: "You know, that idea has been brought up again and again since I first met you guys. I was raised Catholic, and at first it was 100% no way I'm doing that. But I keep catching myself thinking about it, how I shouldn't be so judgmental. As time goes by, all the signs keep telling me there's something here for me. Now I'm really starting to realize that this could be a possibility. I'm thinking it's a good possibility. I'm gonna have to pray about it and get back to you." Which is fine by us!

What do you know, but the lesson in Sunday School yesterday was on baptism! Yay-uhhh!

We got our Fusion back on Friday. :(

Oh, by the way! Do y'all remember how I told you that Alanna (my ex-girlyfriend) asked me some wonderful questions in a letter? Well, I finally finished my letter/received a hardback Book of Mormon in which I wrote my testimony. So it's goin' out today! I'll keep you updated!

Any word on Christian's mission papers?

Yes, I do get to see all of the embedded stuff. It's a nice touch!

It does get pretty cold here sometimes. You asked in a letter if I was staying warm. I do pretty well, but I could really use another sweater or two. And another set of thermals would be nice for laundry purposes, but not vital. I know money's tight. If you are able to send either, I would need white thermals (not garment thermals--I like to be able to layer), and any sweaters would have to be full sleeve, v-neck, and one solid color to fit missionary dress code. Any color is fine, though I already have a brown sweater. I am a small (not fat yet!).

These past two transfers have blazed by. As I approach my "hump day", I have thought quite a bit about how I've changed as a person and as a disciple of Jesus Christ and about what kind of impact I've been able to have on the lives of those I've served. Right now, I'm really not sure. But I hope it's all for the better.


Elder Martin

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