Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[3/4/2013] P-Day at the MTC
Provo Temple nestled in the mountains of Utah

Yes, it's my P-Day. We went to the Provo Temple this morning. So awesome! So was the Salt Lake Temple!
My companion, Elder Hansen and I
Have y'all gotten my letter yet? You can just send any mail to me by addressing it to the Provo MTC (I don't know exactly the address, but you can Google it, I'm sure) and then to Elder Cole Martin, PO Box #40. You can do that my whole mission, and they'll forward it to me. So you can put that address on my blog and Facebook, too.

Elder McNeil (right) and I
Man, I've been here barely five days, and it seriously feels like two weeks! We do SO much every day. The Spirit is always strong, especially during devotionals and firesides. The Provo Temple president talked to us last night about why we receive endowments before embarking on missions. It's because that's where we literally take upon us His name, where as Sacrament, we only indicate that we are willing to do so. We watched a 2006 devotional  last night given by Elder Holland called "Missions are Forever". I have NEVER been more inspired to go to work for the Lord and to give it all I've got.

Elder Valora (right) and I
I have learned a lot already, especially about the scriptures. We're doing this cool exercise called "progressing investigator" where we meet with an "investigator" a few  times a week after having prepared lessons specifically for them. It's pretty cool, and super real, even though the brother who plays him is also our teacher!

My companion is pretty cool. The other elders in our room are also awesome. So dang funny! We have already had great times.

By the way, I was called to be our District Leader. It's a little more than I expected, but I'm getting along just fine!

I don't think I need anything as of yet. I seem to be getting along just fine with everything I packed. I might could use a hoody, though. Maybe I'll just buy a BYU one before I leave. We fly out to the mission field on March 12.
I met a sister today doing laundry who is headed to the Texas Houston Mission, which I think is where we live. I told her to look for the Martin family in the Katy Stake. I've already forgotten her name.

Funny story of the week:

As DL, I have to take aside the senior companions once per week and interview them to see how things are going in there companionship. I was doing so one evening with one elder from the room next to us, while the other elders in my room got ready for bed. I finished the interview, and went back to my room. The door was locked (it does so automatically when it closes). I knocked once. Twice. Three times. Peered under the door. Dark. So I went into the shower area, and saw my companion's towel hanging over the stall.
"Elder Hansen?"
"Who else is in here?"
"I donno."
"Is Elder Valora in here?"
"No, I'm not!"
"Yes, he is."
"Is Elder McNeil also in here?"
(Clearly, they are all present.)
"Do any of you elders have a key to the room?"
So I had to run to another building, grab a key from Elder Hansen's scriptures in our classroom, and run back while the rest of them stood in the hallway and waited in their towels.

I'm not feeling too homesick or anything. I have great friends here. I love you all!

-Elder Martin

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