Saturday, April 13, 2013

[3/25/2013] Week 2: The Work is Great!

Hey, Fam!

We're definitely still very busy. He [Elder Deakin] just likes to talk about home a lot. 

It snowed this week! Isn't that crazy? I was in the middle of personal study, and it just started coming down right outside the window. Haha, I just haven't seen snow in a while, so I was glued to the window watching the enormous Washington snowflakes come down, taking pictures and recording footage. 

Farlan came to church for the second time this past Sunday and stayed again for the full three hours. He's coming along nicely. He keeps telling us he "doesn't want to be another one of our failures", but he's our most committed investigator at the moment! I can tell he really feels the Spirit during our lessons and at church, but he's stuck on the notion that he's too late in his life to be making a change like this. He also has been really busy, so he hasn't had a whole lot of opportunity to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. But that's key! This week will be our third lesson, on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hopefully we can help him commit to a baptismal date. We'll see what the Spirit says! He also showed us his mom's Chrysler Imperial after our last visit. Let me tell you, that is a pretty car! I took a few pictures. You'll be able to see that it's in great condition!

We also visited with another investigator, Jordan, who just turned 23. We taught him a lesson early in the week and then returned a few days later to read the Book of Mormon with him since he has trouble comprehending what he reads. We read three or four chapters of 1 Nephi and broke everything down for him. I could really tell he was feeling the Spirit and getting excited about the Book of Mormon. He works night shifts cleaning parking lots with a giant street sweeper, so sometimes he's hard to catch at home and awake, but he's definitely committed to progressing. 

I'm finding it so amazing how I have such love for these people that we're teaching. Everyone has a story, and with that story, come specific concerns, desires, and aspirations. The gospel can remedy any concern, fulfill any righteous desire, and realize any wholesome aspiration. It's like I can't get the fullness of the message to come out of my mouth fast enough! 

Funny story of the week:

Elder Deakin needed to renew his temple recommend and has been trying to get an interview for several months now, but President Wilson is very busy. He worked up the courage to call the mission president one evening to set something up. When he picked up the phone, President Wilson said he would be right over. At 9:30 that night! Elder Deakin and I were flipping out because the MISSION PRESIDENT was coming to OUR APARTMENT! Good thing we had inspections that morning, so we had recently deep, deep cleaned it. When he arrived, we were on our best behavior. We greeted him at the door and he proceeded to take off his shoes before entering. I hospitably uttered, "Oh, you don't need to take those off." He quickly responded, "Oh, but you're supposed to," pointing to a widely ignored sign on the wall RIGHT NEXT TO MY FACE that read, "Shoes off, please!" How embarrassing! Elder Deakin and I were both wearing our shoes at that moment! He then asked to use our restroom - which, fortunately, was absolutely spotless - before conducting the interview. I went quietly to our study area to write in my journal...

Seth: Keep up the good work, Seth! I want you to know that I am working out every morning! We've got two 30-lb dumbbells in the apartment, so I'm making do. :p What's the best exercise for my pecs? Hit me up, buddy!

Dad: I am trying really hard to lose myself in the work. I'm not sure how long it will take or what steps I need to take to make it happen, but I'm definitely praying for inspiration and for the softening of hearts every day. I know the Lord is the only one who can do it, and that I have to rely on Him and the Spirit to do all the hard work. I am also striving to make the Atonement a daily process, so that I can better align myself with His will.

I love you all! Keep sending me love! It's a bright spot in my week! Margo, I wrote you back today, so keep your eyes peeled!


Elder Martin

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