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[10/28/2013] Week 33: Hallowe'en

Martin Fambly!

This week was meh. We only taught like two lessons to investigators. And we taught a good amount of lessons to less-active members, including Nalina. In fact, our lesson with her this week went much better than the last. It wasn't as awkward and we learned a lot about her knowledge of the gospel. We covered bits and pieces of almost all the lessons, but spent a good amount of time on the temple and eternal marriage. Basically, there's a lot she needs to learn (or re-learn). She didn't even know that we don't drink coffee or tea! She's a very sweet lady and she loves her children a lot. I think she wants to do what's right, but we need to help her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon so that she has motivation to progress. At the end of the lesson she made us promise to bring pictures of the pumpkins we carved last Monday and compare them to the jack o' lanterns on her front porch.

On Wednesday, we had another one of those custom district meetings where I seek revelation on what to teach and then teach it. I decided that we would read through a talk out of the Washington Everett Mission missionary guide called, "Create Success" by Elder Ballard and discuss it. The talk is about being a "creator of circumstances" (rather than a "creature" of such) and being the kind of missionary who doesn't make excuses for a lack of productivity in a certain area. It went really well, I think, because we're all in areas where we could make excuses. But if you just put your nose to the grindstone and do your part, the Lord will do His and bless you with opportunities to teach and fulfill your purpose as a missionary.

Awesome Pumpkin - The Invisible Man
From Wednesday night to Thursday night, we conducted exchanges and I spent the day on bike in Thomas Lake with Elder Black.  It was ok. Not a whole lot of awesomeness. But! We did tract into the lady whose husband started the infamous Gold Creek Community Church, which is rumored to be responsible for a lot of anti-Mormon notions in the area. It was kind of intense, but she was actually super nice and warm. When Elder Black asked a keen question, "Why did the Bible end?", she turned cold, kicked us in the stomach, and slammed the door in our face. Just kidding, but she responded with a pleasant, "You don't want to get into questions with me." That was probably wise. Bashing is never the way to go, and I could tell Elder Black was itchin' for it.

Friday ended up being practically everything but proselyting. We had weekly planning, lunch with our bishop, interviews with President Bonham, dinner with Giovanni, and then the ward Halloween party. But here's the good news! Tami, the super solid investigator who dropped us and whom we haven't seen in over two months, was at the party! It was really good to see her, and she's just as sweet and genuine as ever. Then! We saw her raking leaves yesterday, so we stopped to help her, had a great conversation about all kinds of things, ranging from family to missionary service to the way the world is going. Anyway, she invited us over for dinner on the 18th, which is likely to be my last evening in the area. Sweet!

On Saturday, we spent most of the day helping a few of the Eastmont sisters' investigators move. It's what we do best. Haha. Well, the cool part was when we went to eat lunch after that, we stopped at Burger King and while waiting on our food, a random guy named Ray approached us, having read my nametag, and started asking about our message. (We were even in service clothes, mind you!) He proceeded to tell us about how the Bible has been translated too many times and "if you want to stand on solid ground", you've gotta study Greek and read from this or that version of the Bible which came from the Vatican or something or other. So the missionary in me could not help but tell him all about the Book of Mormon, which was only translated once and helps clarify the Bible and testifies of Jesus Christ, but a lot of those comments were brushed aside as he taught us about "conciliation" versus "reconciliation" in the Bible and the difference between "justification" and "salvation". Then he left us with his number, so we could "chat more over a cup of coffee". Tee-hee. Unfortunately, he lives up in Lake Stevens, so we'll have to get the other elders on that.

We dropped by the Christies' on Saturday night, and found Conrad and Kaylin there! I'm so spoiled to be able to keep in touch with them after having been transferred away from Shoultes. But guess what! Kaylin gave birth to Conrad Jr. last Monday and they're all doing just dandy. If you remember, in our first lesson with them, Kaylin was running in and out to the bathroom and back for the whole hour. Now she's a mother of two!

Jack O'Lantern
As I noted earlier, Tiffany and Tia were at chuch, and the ward did a super awesome job in helping welcome and teach them. In Gospel Principles, Tiffany opened up the class by asking about how each new prophet is called, and that initiated an awesome discussion led by Brother Noll on the organization of the entire Church down to wards and even Beehive presidencies. Everyone else in the class participated heavily in helping Tiffany learn and understand while Elder O'Rullian and I sat and watched quietly. That is a sign of an awesome ward. After third hour, Tia came and demanded we show her the font in which she will be baptized. Unfortunately, the other ward was getting ready to start a class in the room the font doors are in, so we couldn't show her. Guess she'll just have to come to the baptism of Brother Fifita's daughter this Saturday. Oh well! ;)

We knocked on the Copenhavers' door on Sunday morning again this week, but they were sick, so we should definitely see them next week. Jeff Schmidt was also at church and was sure to talk to us about an appointment this week before he headed out. Things are picking up in the area! I'm lichen it!

It sounds like things are going well for y'all back at the homestead. For the record, Dad, I'm working out too! Erry mornin'! I don't eat as healthy though. I tell you, home cooking, imposed seconds, and dessert every night really takes a toll. But I've gotten pretty good at refusing seconds. Pretty rough, huh Brandon?

I love the news about Margo too. I was never first chair in middle school! That dang Caitlin Havins always beat me out. Margo is amazing! Keep it up!

I love y'all! Keep praying for me. Your pleas are greatly felt and appreciated!


Elder Martin

Attached are pictures of my awesome jack o' lantern!

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