Monday, August 4, 2014

[8/4/2014] Week 74: Sticking to Plan

Hey! Wow, since that companionship inventory last week, things have been much, much better. Communication is occurring much more "openly and frequently" (MHB, p. 30), and our unity has become powerful.

We tracted so much this week. And, actually, it was quite fruitful. The only [not-so-] bad news is that everyone solid we found was for the family ward! So we were basically full-time finders for the zone this week. But hey, we were as committed as could be!

I'm way stoked that Christian was endowed [in the Temple] this week. I would like to hear his thoughts on the experience, so he should email me! Man, 16 days!

My sister, Margo
Wow, Margo is so grown! Remember, no dating till you're 30.

I've been learning a lot from Elder Haupu about sticking firmly to plans you make, especially according to the Spirit. So we did that on Saturday, and witnessed a small miracle when we went to contact a less-active at his home. As we peaked the final hill on our bikes at exactly 11:30am, a young man by the name of Anthony came up the other side of the hill on foot, headed to work at Subway. We greeted and asked if we could walk with him. He agreed heartily, so we embarked. What ensued was a long conversation about his experience with religion, his dark past, his current trajectory, and his dreams and aspirations to do great things. When we parted ways, we grabbed his contact info and will see him again soon! If we had not been exact with our plans, and had we not been riding bikes, we would not have contacted Anthony! Blessings!

Well, I love y'all!

Until next time:
They traded our gold 2013 Corolla (cleverly named the Golden Calf)
for a 2013 Ford Fusion. We call her Onti (Alma 11:6,13).

Elder Cole Martin

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