Monday, December 8, 2014

[12/08/2014] Week 92: Snohomish!

So I was transferred to the stake just next door to Everett, called Snohomish (In fact, the Silver Lake YSA ward, from whence I came, draws young single adults from both the Everett and Snohomish stakes, so I know many of the members and a little bit of the area already). The ward to which I am assigned is the Snohomish ward of the Snohomish stake. It is also the Snohomish zone leader area. And let me tell ya, I love Snohomish! I love my new area, I love my companion, and I love the missionaries in the Snohomish zone. This place is great! Snohomish!

We have seen a great deal of good results this week in our finding and teaching efforts. What's interesting is that our investigator who is set to baptized this month, Mandy, actually received the very first Restoration lesson from Elder Haupu and I a little over three months ago, as she was introduced to the Church by a member of the Silver Lake ward. We then handed her off to the Snohomish ward elders because she is still seventeen and in high school. And then I got transferred here! This past Friday, Elder George and I taught her about missionary work from Chapter 3, lesson 5 of "Preach My Gospel", which was the very last lesson she needed to learn before baptism. So there you go, it's full circle. I got to teach Mandy the very first lesson and the very last lesson. But what's far more remarkable than any involvement I have had is the commitment Mandy has shown to the gospel in such a short time. She bore her testimony during her first sacrament meeting in the Snohomish ward, she has attended all three hours of church for ten weeks in a row,  she attends seminary every morning before school, she's most of the way through the book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, and she is anxiously awaiting her baptism on the 21st of this month. I gotta tell ya, member missionary work is the way to go.

I must admit, however, that a few of the progressing (or close to it) investigators we're currently teaching in Snohomish were found tracting -- and live at the end of very long driveways at that. Don't let anyone ever tell you that tracting (or "porting", as the Frenchies call it) is worthless!

We were invited to dinner with a less-active member, Brother C, on Wednesday. He has an enormous home and a great job, but he wants nothing to do with the Church at this point and he just didn't seem to be truly happy. During the course of our conversation with him, we learned that he made some pretty big mistakes on his mission that very clearly altered the course of his life. I am sure grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve a mission, and that I have taken it seriously. I certainly haven't been perfect, but I have grown immensely, and I must say that my experiences so far in Washington will as well have certainly altered the course of my life.

This night was far more eventful than I am at liberty to say via email, so I'll have to share my three-page journal entry with you all when I get home.

Elder George and I are getting along just wonderfully. We are diligent and obedient every day, and he is certainly an inspired missionary. All of our plans so far have resulted in some progress of some person in our area. It's great!

Well, my good friend Amanda (you may have met her; she was at my farewell talk) went home from her mission about a month ago, and my other good friend Leanne (you know her) went home this last week. So I'm flyin' solo for friends. But I've still got my best friend, Christian, for the rest of my mission. And my lyfe.

I'm so happy to hear about Seth every week. How is he doing on mission preparation? I have been praying for his health to improve continually so that he can serve a regular proselyting mission. He is going to love it! Yesterday, Elder George and I attended priest's quorum during Sunday school, and the lesson was given by a young man named Peder. Peder is 18, a senior in high school, and way too big for his age. Like 6' 3" and 205-ish. And, of course, he wrestles. His lesson on examples of Zion in the scriptures was very well-prepared, and he was very organized and mature in his presentation of it. He reminded me a lot of Seth.

How is Margo doing? I guess marching season has come to an end, and I'll bet that right about now, they're working on the rendition of "Sleigh Ride" that Mr. G. likes to perform every year and some other beautiful Christmas piece with lots of long, warm tones and edifying chords. I miss Mr. G. sometimes!

I love y'all!

Elder Martin

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