Monday, December 22, 2014

[12/22/2014] Week 94: Faithful at Christmas


Here's the coolest story from this week (It's actually from last night!):

We have set a goal in the zone to tract for two hours every evening so that we are sure to talk with more people at home and thus find more prepared families to teach. This is difficult to commit to because the evenings are very dark in the winter and people get mad when you knock on their doors. Anywho, Elder George and I planned to do part of our tracting on Avenue H in downtown Snohomish, and we got there later than we had planned. In fact, we only had about fifteen minutes to tract before going in to start reporting numbers for the week. Because of our time limitation, we nearly decided to change our plans tract somewhere a little closer to the apartment than Avenue H, but we didn't. So we parked on said avenue, and get out, and head for the first door, whose house is ablaze with Christmas lights. We knock and are answered by a lady named Susan. Susan is just the sweetest lady. We talked with her on her doorstep for nearly 30 minutes and here is the synopsis of our experience with her: she came to believe in Jesus Christ because of trials she has faced in life, she has made lots of mistakes in her past that she is striving to overcome, she doesn't attend a church anymore because she feels they are all flawed,she's never heard or learned much about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we taught her the Restoration and prayed with her, she wants to learn more, she wants to meet again on Tuesday at 8 (a commonly difficult slot of time to make productive) and she has never been baptized, though she sees it as something she still needs to do. So we had a super miracle come from our very, very last proselyting efforts of the week!

In other news, I will plan on being ready to Google Hangout on Thursday morning at 10:00am! I am fine with whatever format you'd like to do. As long as I get to see the fambam.

The other day after dinner with the bishop, I enjoyed a Tim-Tam Slam.
Tim-Tam Slam (Wikimedia)

That's an Australian dessert-game.


Elder Martin


  1. Thank God for Elder Martin & Elder George, knocking on my door that chilly December night. GODS TIMING IS PERFECT. I can testify now that I know the Book of Mormon IS true and that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints IS part of Gods perfect plan for us all Ann's that the Book of Mormon IS another testimony of Jesus Christ. I say this in the name of our Savior Jesus. AMEN.

    Susan (aka Lenee Johnson)

  2. After thought to previous post...I must also include all the other missionaries I've met with since Elder Martin and. Elder George...A huge thank you to GOD for alll of the missionaries especially, ELDERS MARTN & GEORGE, COTTLE, LEAVITT, KAPPEL AND FARAR. Also to all the Church Members who have token the time to meet with me & showing so much love for the Word Of God. I am pursuing baptism, although I fall short and need to become more obedient, I am positive that I will make it & eventually be a active member of the Church who will be able to help others as I have been helped. That has become my goal in this lifetime.

    Much Love,