Monday, February 2, 2015

[2/2/2015] Week 100: Century Mark

Hey, all!

On a hike at Wallace Falls state park
last Monday.
Wow, I got so many emails of encouragement this week. I feel like I can conquer the world! Or Snohomish, at least. I'm going to finish strong! Promise!

I'm low on time today, but I want to tell you about Frank.

Elder George and I found Frank tracting a while back, and Elder Cottle and I followed up. We taught him a brief lesson on Monday night, and he invited us back on Wednesday. Frank is a firefighter. If you know anything about firefighting, you know it's next to impossible to get a paid position, and every application is an extremely expensive process. Well, Frank got the job on his first application. Other men apply for years to get just one paid position. He considers himself highly blessed because of it. Frank was raised a Baptist down South, but his ex-fiancee, whom he met in the Navy, is LDS. He went to church with her for five or so months, but never really read the Book of Mormon or seriously investigated. Recently, however, he has felt a need to "get back on the wagon".

Ready for weekly planning in our apartment!
So we taught him the Restoration and really focused on why God calls prophets and how crucial it is that He has called a prophet in modern times. I tell you, Frank is a tender guy. He may be ex-Navy and a firefighter, but he's got big ol' Southern heart. And I believe he is sensitive to the Spirit.

We invited him to pray and ask God if what we had taught was true, he happily obliged, and then we paused for reflection after the prayer. If you know anything about the pamphlets we use to teach people, you know that page 16 of the Restoration pamphlet teaches about prayer and page 17 is a picture of a woman praying. It was a little later at night, and Frank hangin' out in his PJ's, which sported the Bud Light emblem as a pattern. Well, as Frank was pondering with his head bowed, his attention was drawn to his PJ pants and the picture of the woman on page 17. When we asked what he felt God was telling him, he responded, "Well, I looked down and I saw 'Bud Light', then I looked up a little and I saw the woman. Those are my two biggest weaknesses: alcohol and women. I feel like God is telling me that I've got a few things I need to get out of my life before I take this journey."
Elder Cottle is super tall!
Wouldn't you know it? Frank exercised faith, and now he feels a need to repent (Articles of Faith 1:4)! Isn't that exciting? I love it. We will teach him again tonight!

I love y'all tons! Thanks so much for the love and support. I will keep working hard and being obedient! There is yet growth to be experienced for me and for those whom I serve!

Elder Martin

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