Sunday, May 26, 2013

[4/29/2013] Week 7: New Members, Old Members--Small World.

Howdy-durdy, erryone!

This weekend, we conducted a fantastic baptism. The whole time, Jordan continually
described a feeling of lightness, joy, and freshness. After his confirmation at church, he
immediately stood up and thanked everyone in the congregation for supporting him, saying
he didn't know how to express what he felt. Then the bishop got up and said into the
microphone with a sly face, "Don't worry, Jordan. We can get you an opportunity to express
your feelings to all of us very soon!" Everyone in the chapel laughed, but Jordan didn't
quite get it. :p

The next step for him is to receive the priesthood. I can't wait! He knows the awesome
power of the priesthood and the blessings it brings into the home. We gave him another
blessing on Thursday because he had been suffering from severe abdominal pain all day and
seconds after I closed the sealing, he described his stomach beginning to loosen. How
awesome is that??

On Thursday, we visited with a less active member whose son was excommunicated. Usually,
he scurries into the back of the house upon our arrival, but this time, he joined us in
the living room and asked tons of questions about the Church and the gospel. Elder
Zollinger (the DL) and I had a wonderful time answering his questions about the
priesthood, the Atonement, and about the Restoration. I found it so interesting that I was
able to settle a lot of his concerns based on what I had studied just that morning!

We have had some trouble getting a hold of our newest potential investigator, Ellen,
because of her recurring health issues. But she did attend Jordan's baptism and just
basked in the Spirit. We hope to have a wonderful first lesson with her on Wednesday. She
seems to be immensely prepared by the Lord.

We also have another potential that the Spanish Elders tracted into, named Pam. She is a
Baptist mother of 4 or 5 who seems genuinely interested in hearing more about what we
believe. Hopefully we can set something up with her in the next few days.

I'm sorry to hear about Aislynn, although I must commend her for keeping the child. It's
never too late to develop a relationship with the Lord. Doing that will help her immensely
through what must be a very tough time.

I can't believe Seth is about to start driving! That's insane! Tell him he needs to write
me back!! I sent him a letter a few weeks ago. I wanna hear all about Amanda and prom and

Mom, in the middle of my personal prayer last night, I was struck with a very strong
impression that I should encourage you and Dad to pay tithing in full faithfulness. I know
things are really tight for us right now, but that just means we can't afford not to pay
tithing! I know it's hard, but the Lord will bless us immensely. Just trust in the Lord
and He will be happy to bless you. He is practically on the edge of His seat, with His
hand on the big, red lever waiting to pour blessings upon your head! :p Remember, Just Do

I really appreciate all the encouragement and support I'm receiving from everyone,
especially about Elder Deakin. He's a great guy and I don't want him to feel like his last
few months were a waste. Y'all are wonderful!

Oh! Crazy thing! Two weeks ago, we had dinner at the Vezzani's home. They are young couple
with two kids and another on the way. They have a live-in roommate, named Delilah, who is
in her twenties and used to live in San Antonio. Turns out, she is very good friends with
James Thornock! They used to hang out and stuff! Isn't that crazy? Small world!

I love you all! Y'all da bomb!

Elder Martin

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