Sunday, May 26, 2013

[5/13/2013] Week 9: Fired up on the Spirit!

Martin Fambly,

This week, I had the opportunity to attend the Marysville Zone meeting and receive inspired instruction from the ZL's, Elders Marsden and Annand. I once again emerged fired up and ready to go find 10 prepared investigators. I also had the opportunity to meet with those elders when they came and joined Elder Zollinger and I for companion study this past week. They helped edify my gospel knowledge as well as my desire to work. I confided in them some of my reservations about the work Elder Deakin and I have been doing, and they gave me a lot of valuable counsel and encouragement. I am very grateful for their inspired leadership and direction.

Since Elder Aidukaitis visited the mission, I have committed to go to extra lengths to
fulfill my purpose, and while it has been difficult in some areas, I am finding myself
being slowly elevated to the higher plane of missionary work I long to reside on. I know
that the Lord can help me get there as long as I put in my share of the hard work.

We visited with Bodee Davis, a 9-year-old unbaptized child of record, this week for his
third lesson. He is making great progress and is clearly very excited to become a member
of the Lord's restored Church. He enjoys learning about restored truths, especially in the
company of his two brothers and loving parents. We learned that his dad, who is returning
to activity, has decided he wants to baptize Bodee, so hopefully he and the bishop will
feel he is ready very soon. Bodee loves having us over and pretty much adores Elder Deakin
and I. When he found out we were leaving to another appointment, he exclaimed, "How dare
you! You're not supposed to be teaching other people!" What a cute kid.

My study time has become very valuable to me. I know the Book of Mormon has a profound
effect on the proceedings of my day and the attitude with which I face challenges. Preach
My Gospel has reminded me why it is important to always rely on the Spirit and to always
stay committed to fulfilling my purpose as a missionary.

I know that I can always be better, and I am striving daily to find out how it is the Lord wants me to take the next step towards fulfilling my purpose.

It was so warming to hear from everyone back home. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing so well and that Seth is recovering. He's fast on his way to becoming a big boy. ;D I was sad to miss Brandon's call. Tell me how he's doing!

Mom, I'm working on Grandma and I'll give you and update ASAP.

Elder Martin

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