Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[5/28/2013] Week 11: Kathy's Cake

Sorry, I didn't email yesterday. Library was closed for Memorial Day!

This week, we were handed off an investigator from Seattle Hills,
named Conrad. He and his new wife just moved into our ward boundaries.
He is such an awesome guy! We have had one lesson with him and his
wife so far, but already he has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and
knows he wants to be baptized. He recognizes firmly and clearly that
truthfulness contained in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and taught by our
church. He has discovered the power of seeking truth for himself and
knows he has found it. Clearly, Elders Valora and Brockbank have done
a great job with him thus far.

As I have been leading out in our work, I have continued to feel more
fulfilled with each day. We went and visited several complete
strangers from the area book, and found them all home when we stopped
by. Each visit has been endearing and promising. One lady we met was a
Messianic Jew! We will be visiting her again in a few weeks, for she
is busy this week.

I have had plenty of time to sit and talk with the Zone Leaders about
all that I have expressed to you, concerning [the work]. Elder
Marsden related to me the idea of having a "follow-up trainer" to help
me grow in the areas where Elder Deakin is not as strong. I think it
is a great idea. I look forward to having the opportunity to really
learn how to hit Shoultes hard. Of course, my next companion is up to
the Lord, and I am grateful for the immense effort President Wilson
makes in seeking divine revelation to most efficiently move the work
forward in the way the Lord would have it done.

Sister McBride and I are keeping in touch, and she seems to be doing
very well in the MTC. I try to send her letters of encouragement,
infused with advice to keep her going. She's only got a few days left
before she's off to Arkansas!

Super funny story of the week:

Today is actually Kathy's birthday, but we celebrated it last night
(she is a member, who is struggling with smoking, and whom we visit
regularly). Shortly before we were to leave for her house, she texted
us saying never mind, we would do it tomorrow (today) because nobody
made her a cake!! Well, we said, "Not on our watch!" (Literally; we
have too much going on this evening) So we hurried out and bought her
a chocolate half-sheet from Safeway and were on our way to save the
[birth]day! We arrived, lit all twenty candles -- signifying
[somewhere around] twenty great years -- and carried the cake out to
where Kathy was sitting. Elder Deakin realized, however, halfway to
the couch that he was holding the cake upside-down. He decided to
rotate it in his hands so that the "Happy Birthday Kathy" would be
readable to her upon presentation. In a flash, the cake was sliding
off of its near-frictionless plastic tray and plummeting down and
towards the wall. Not only this, but at the exact opportune moment, a
small grandchild was darting past Elder Deakin and, thus, beneath the
over-sized pastry sailing through the air, candles ablaze. Screams of
panic, disappointment, and twenty-dollars-down-the-drain rent the air.
In yet another flash, when all was surely lost, Elder Deakin swooped
down and corrected the cake before witnessing its utter destruction.
He brought it up completely unscathed.

 Elder Deakin's thoughtful comment on the fiasco: "Now we know that
there are surely angels round about me to bear up this cake."

I love you all! Keep being awesome!

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