Sunday, May 26, 2013

[5/20/2013] Week 10: Taking the Lead

In an interview with President Wilson, he told me that since Elder Deakin is leaving soon
(and is also trunky), I need to basically be the senior companion from now on. I have been
leading out more in our work and we have seen some success. I find it is more fulfilling
to fill our time with productive activities, always thinking about how we as a
companionship can move the Lord's work forward. I will need to continue developing
leadership skills so I can help direct the work in Shoultes with my next companion. It is
not always easy to try and motivate Elder Deakin to go out and do things.

I came across several names of former investigators in the Area Book that I felt impressed
to go visit. One, whose convert son is on a mission, wanted nothing to do with us! Another
was excited to see us, but expressed the same concerns as were listed under her "reasons
for being dropped" on the teaching record. She wants her son to learn about the Bible
first before we even start to teach from the Book of Mormon. Elder Deakin is concerned it
would be  a waste of time to start with the Bible and then branch into the Book of Mormon,
because if she's not willing to read it now, she may never be. Although it is slightly
discouraging, I feel I simply need to seek the Lord's counsel as far as how to address her
concerns and help her move forward.

A family in our ward is currently housing a foreign exchange student from Germany, named
Jan, and invited us for dinner last night. We brought him a German copy of the Book of
Mormon and the Restoration DVD. When presented with these items, we could tell he was
touched! He even apologized for not having brought "gifts" to give to us! We offered him a
short and simple explanation of the Book of Mormon and taught him how to pray. He will be
returning to Germany soon, so we are praying that his heart will be open to the message

Mom, I called the bishop of the Atherton Ward in California on Saturday evening, and
talked to him about Grandma. I had forgotten to do it all week until then. Turns out, the
elders were already at his house right then! So he handed the phone over, and I talked to
Elder Mann (I think was his name) and gave him the details. He will keep me updated via
email. I had a thought, though. Isn't Grandma's neighborhood super locked down as far as
security, thus rendering it impossible for missionaries to enter and proselyte? Maybe
having her phone number would help or something.

In my personal study, I came across D&C 4 and comprehended it in a different light. Every
word of that Section applies so closely to what I am doing with my life right now. At the
end of the section is a list of qualities and Christlike attributes that I will surely be
working to develop for my whole mission. I have already made a list of things I need to do
to be a better servant in this marvelous work. Brotherly kindness is one that I will
especially work to improve.

In leading out over the past several days, I have discovered that there is so much to be
done from the Area Book, and it is important to keep that valuable tool in ship-shape so
that it can continue to be effective for future missionaries. I will continue to search it
diligently, seeking inspiration as to who the Lord needs us to work with next.

I love you all!

Elder Martin

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