Sunday, December 15, 2013

[12/02/2013] Week 39: Canada, eh?

This was a really good week. I must apologize, for the Blaine library is more limited on time we can spend on the computer, so my letters are likely to decline in bulk and/or quality.

So I have officially been to Canada!
And this time, we didn't freak out
the border patrol. :p
Have you ever heard of William Branham? For some reason, we keep running into followers of this man and they all claim him to be a prophet. So it's exciting to hear that others believe there should be a prophet in these days and then we find out that it's this guy, and we get frustrated. They all talk about how he's been "vindicated" thousands of times and blah, blah, blah. Just kidding. That's mean. But I tell you, it's not proof or physical evidence that we should seek. It is spiritual evidence - divine revelation - that we should seek--that which moth doth not corrupt. All of these people (I like to call them Branhamites) are telling us that William Branham was a prophet because he's told the future and read people's hearts thousands of times and because he preaches good stuff. All we can do is testify and invite them to read the Book of Mormon and seek it out for themselves. So far, none have taken us up on it. :p

That's my less-than-coherent rant of the week.

Peach Arch Park - Children of a Common
Mother Memorial
Boy, do I love exchanges! We conducted a mini-exchange with the elders in Ferndale 2nd ward. I went with Elder Scott, who is coming up on his six-month mark and is still in his first area. We did a bit of tracting amongst some large plot homes and found a new potential investigator named Lois who invited us back -- after the new year. Well, on the way out of the country-ish road we had tracted, the Spirit prompted me to take a branching road to another section of the neighborhood. I turned right, suggesting to Elder Scott, "Let's go on an adventure!" We came to a large field, on the other side of which we spotted people in their front yard raking leaves. Coming from a long way in plain sight is often a difficult approach to make as a missionary, but of course we did it anyway. As we came closer, we recognized the figures as an older woman and two young children. We offered to help her with the leaves to which she responded, "No, thanks. I think we're good. But what else ya got?" gesturing at our copies of the Book of Mormon. Hot diggity! We taught and testified briefly and powerfully of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the restoration of his church through a modern-day prophet. She expressed much interest in getting to know our view and in getting back in tune with God in general. We exchanged contact information, set up a return appointment, and had a prayer.
Peach Arch Park - on the border
We not only found a new investigator, but one of the most prepared people I've probably seen in a cold contact in my whole mission, in less than two hours. Miracles always happen on exchanges!

On Thursday, we went to the Peach Arch park on the border, and had a fantastic dinner with some members. I was well taken care of. But I definitely miss my family and friends, for which I am very grateful. I love you all!

Elder Martin

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