Sunday, June 8, 2014

[4/28/2014] Week 60: Walking Miracles

AHHHH, OUT OF TIME. Here is my letter to President Bonham. It's all I got! Sorry.

But glad to hear everything worked out miraculously with the car!

"It has been a crazy week (I wonder how many times per week you read that same phrase--missionary work must be pretty crazy all around!). We did at least some sort of service almost every day this week, and, as a result, were able to teach a ton of lessons.

The zone - and especially Elder McRae's district - has done exceptionally well as of late. Finding has continued to go way up as has investigators with a baptismal date. And not only that, there are more investigators make progress all throughout the zone as opposed to in just two or three areas. I can honestly say that most of it probably has to do with Elder McRae's rock-solid diligence in ministering to his district, especially in his preparation of effective district meetings. I've never seen a district leader like him.

I am generally pretty happy. I love Blaine. I love the work. I love my companion, though we occasionally disagree...

A small miracle from this week:

The Fords and I
Yesterday, Elder Jones and I had a dinner appointment out in the county, and the member couldn't come pick us up because he was preparing the dinner and couldn't leave the pizza unattended, so we asked our assistant ward mission leader, Brother Ford, for a ride (otherwise, we would have rode our bikes--about an hour-and-a-half ride). He asked if we wanted him to pick us up from our apartment, but since we had the time for it, Elder Jones insisted we would walk to his house (about thirty minutes) and contact people along the way--after all, it was a beautiful day. Brother Ford kept asking if we were sure we didn't want a ride, and Elder Jones continued to insist we would walk. So we did! And on the way to Brother Ford's, a lady in the community named Courtney and her son, Nathan, for whom we moved some heavy furniture about three weeks ago and to both of whom we were introduced by a friend of Kevin, the less-active member, pulled over while driving down one of the busier streets in Blaine just to say hi! Just days ago, we walked past their house as Courtney pulled into the driveway, and we invited her to hear the message of the Restoration.

Kevin (LA found on my birthday) and Elder Jones
Her response was, "Yeah, ok, when we have time. But you'd have to talk to my son because he's the one with the scheduling conflicts." Her son was not currently home. Then we saw them yesterday, and they pulled over just to say hi, and we set an appointment with them! This, of course, would not have happened if we hadn't decided to walk. Boo-yah!

Well, I just think you should know that I love missionary work. "


Oh, and the best part was hearing about Seth getting his patriarchal blessing! That made my week!

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