Monday, June 9, 2014

[4/7/2014] Week 57: Guided Paths


My twin brother Christian (white shirt) and friends
Those are some good pictures. Thanks for Sharon.

I hope all is well with everyone down south. Things are lookin' pretty good up north. We have been blessed with a wonderful ward and lots of missionary work this week.

This week, we learned that Aaron Simmons, whom we found through Kevin, decided to spend his time in the Blaine ward rather than YSA, so it looks like we will be having a baptism next weekend! How about that?

Conference this time around was a different experience for me. I took Elder Bednar's advice from his November visit and focused on writing the thoughts and impressions that I had. I really felt somehow that all of the General Authorities who spoke were speaking in such a personable and genuine way that made it much easier for me to stay focused. As a result, I heard Heavenly Father's voice telling me what I need to work on. I have set a lot of goals for myself to repent and improve my missionary work. Because of the strong Spirit I felt as Conference proceeded, I have a lot of motivation to follow through with these goals.

My brother Seth (center) and friends
On Friday, Elder Jones and I went on an adventure! By adventure, I mean we took the bus from Blaine to Ferndale, had a mini-exchange with the elders in the 1st ward, and took the bus back! It was the first time I've used public transit on my mission, but it saved us 24 miles on our car! Isn't that incredible? Also, we had lunch at Denny's and were waited on by a lady named Carla. Carla, who is not a member, actually has a younger sister who served a mission on Temple Square. While she was driving in Blaine some months ago, she offered Elder Lovell and I a ride in the pouring rain. We had to decline, of course, because there was no man in the car, and she drove off quickly having done a good deed in offering. Well, we happened to run into her again, and she lives in Birch Bay, and she said she'd be happy to meet with the sister missionaries there! It was awesome! Isn't it wonderful how Heavenly Father puts people together? And to think we almost went to McDonald's...

I can't think of anything else spectacular or momentous from this week. We have zone meeting coming up on Wednesday. I have been a missionary for[seemingly]ever now. The mentality is that it will never end either.

You know, I was just thinking about those tiles yesterday. Good for you, pops!

Dustin is doing wonderfully. He is up and on his feet and even at work now. He still loves the gospel, especially enjoyed conference, and is on track to speak at cottage meeting this coming Sunday. He's excited to share his story and testimony, but nervous to speak in front of so many.

My great friend, Kevin Mock
Is Brandon going to the YSA ward? Or just the YSA activities within the Katy stake? I wonder if he has ever run into or had contact with a young man named Kevin Mock? I think about him often and wonder how he's doing.

I love y'all!

Elder Martin

P.S. Dad, are you still updating my blog? I have a lot of nonmember friends who are aware of it, and I don't want them to check back and continually be disappointed and lose interest in my mission-izing...
[Dad says, "No, I was behind, but I am catching up. Sorry!"]

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