Monday, June 30, 2014

[6/30/2014] Week 69: Spiritual Highs

Hey, hey!

This week was rough in a few ways, but awesome in others. Elder Haupu and I were dropped by most of our investigators and struggled to find new ones, but definitely found a lot of potentials. We have a goal for eight new investigators this week, which we feel really good about and committed to. We are going to work so hard!

We are definitely doing better in our relationship, and I've just been praying for lots of charity and humility. One thing came to me randomly during personal study. I think it's way cool that the Church is no longer represented solely by white kids from Utah (nothing wrong with those). Instead, we have people from all over the world, including from Hawaii who, rather than bumming it on a beach and surfing all summer, are working hard to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I tell you, the gospel does something amazing to young people. Well, all people. But us young people in particular.

Elder Pymm and I spent some time on the infamous West Casino Road on Thursday, and witnessed an incident of domestic violence between two neighbors spurred by the vicious kick of a child's plastic tricycle. Seriously? And they both ended up in the hospital. But you know what happened after that? We were walking back to the apartment to grab Elder Pymm's suit coat (for a baptismal interview), and ran into Andrew on the way there. When we first walked up to him, Andrew, a young single adult, called out, "Hey, guys! How goes the mission?" Not a member, Andrew had heavy exposure to the members and doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while in Army basic training. He found his curiosity piqued and has of late been looking to find a good church and good community. He recently moved up here with his girlfriend, they broke up, she moved out, and he stayed because he likes his job. He agreed to a chapel tour the next day, and the tour went wonderfully! We will see him soon; either tonight at Ward Home Evening (that's what they call it in a Young Single Adult ward) or tomorrow for a lesson.

District Hike at Japanese Gulch!
The zone did wonderfully this month. If I'm not mistaken, there were 9 people baptized and 10 confirmed (one baptism took place on May 31st) in the Everett zone for the month of June. That's magnificent! Some of these converts were a while in the making, but many were a result of keeping investigators on date and getting them fellowshipped and to church each week to create true conversion and real growth. Honestly, there are some great missionaries in this zone, and phenomenal district leaders. I think they were key in staying close to the proselyting missionaries and training them on how to keep investigators progressing spiritually and socially.

I had the opportunity of attending a ward mission leader training session for the Everett stake last night, and learned some really cool things from President Duce (mission presidency) and others. I love member missionary work! Here's one quote I wrote down:

"They have the keys to prepare the investigators for baptism; we have the keys to find and invite."
      -President Porterfield (President of the Everett, Washington Stake), on missionaries and members.

My brothers (June, 2014)
I love y'all! And I love that picture! I will be buff one day like all my brudders. In the meantime, basketball in the mornings will have to do for my exercise.

Elder Martin

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