Tuesday, June 17, 2014

[6/16/2014] Week 67: I'm really sorry...

...but these missionaries love to play basketball, and I can't come in here (to the Family History Center) and email alone.

So I'm consistently short on time.

The scariest part is that I'm starting to like basketball too.

This week was full of small miracles. Our crazy shy investigator, Derek, prayed at the end of our lesson, came to church for all three hours, and played basketball with us today.

Our sincerely stubborn and honest-of-heart investigator from Tanzania, Yamungu, prayed at the end of our lesson (something he had refused to do because we were "of different faiths") in Swahili, committed to read the Book of Mormon (we just got him one in Swahili!), and committed to attend Ward Home Evening with us this evening, which is a huge step forward because of how cautious he has been. He just doesn't want to offend his God.

Russell came to church for the third time yesterday and is moving right along. He has been working on his own at quitting some addictions for a week or so and even feels comfortable enough at church to crack jokes in Elders' Quorum. He showed up in a white shirt and tie for the first time, but was short just a pair of dress shoes. He submits that since his flip-flops are Dockers brand, they count as dressy.

The Everett zone really, really finished the transfer strong (oh yeah, we received transfer calls; I'm staying with Elder Haupu!) with six baptisms this weekend and eighteen more yet to be baptized on a specific date in the coming months. We're really excited to see what this summer will bring.

Which reminds me how little time I have left. I'm scared.

Elder Zollinger, my first district deader, and Elder Lovell, my first companion as a zone leader, went home today. That's depressing.

But I received word from Elder Jones that Delores (the incredible artist investigator found through the incredible members of the Blaine ward) will be baptized on July 12th. That's just wonderful! Picked my spirits right back up. This will make 12 people to enter the waters of baptism in the Blaine ward this year. That was the ward's initial goal for the entire year of 2014! The Hastening is real. I have a testimony of that!

Elder Haupu and I focused a lot on working and role playing with members to help them learn how to invite others. We do that as our "spiritual thought" after each dinner appointment.

Gotta skedaddle!

I love y'all!

Elder Martin

P.S. The Father's Day service was awesome yesterday. I miss you, Pops!

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